We are Passionate About Building Better Communities Through Education and Networking

We are a community that believes helping one of us learn helps all of us learn.

Our History

The idea for this School began in 1978 when three things happened:  

  1. I got my Masters Degree from the Annenberg School of Communication at USC
  2. I started at General Telephone
  3. I bought an Apple II+

Over the next 40 years, I built a core competency in Communication and Information Technology, Telecommunications Law, Adult Education, and Web Design.

This School is part of the @lantis® Learning Community and uses the Atlantis LMS (Atlantis Learning Management System – ALMS) protocols.

ALMS is a collection of small Learning Communities that interact through an “Open Source Communication Platform.” ALMS applies 21st Century Communication, processing, and database tools to education and decision making.

The faculty, staff, and advisory committees are actively involved in program assessment and evaluation to ensure programs of study continue to keep pace with the rapidly changing and evolving technology.  Currently, we are adding “Blockchains” to ALMS.  This allows the Learner to create a lifelong learning plan.  We also use Live Video Classes, Webinars, and Conference Calls to support Synchronous On-Line Learning which enables personalized Learning Plans.

Mission And Purpose

Our School provides training required for emerging, in-demand occupations that satisfy both Learners and community needs and leads to well-paying positions.

Societal technology requires increasingly greater skills, knowledge, and proficiencies for success in a vocation or profession. We strive to make the learning process an individualized, change‑oriented, market‑centered process that enables each learner, regardless of background, to maximize their potential.

The Motto

Our Learning Community fosters interdependence between quality education and business enterprise with its motto of: Deliver the Learning at the Best Time for Each Learner.

The above mission and purposes are implemented through the achievement of the following specific objectives:

  • To maximize educational opportunity through an assessment process that evaluates each Learner individually and provides the necessary academic guidance and support to enable the achievement of realistic career and educational goals;
  • To maintain a dynamic organizational model that is responsive to all its constituencies, including the communities served, and is capable of rapidly adapting to market change while adhering to the highest ethical standards;
  • To offer educational programs that are based on sound business and educational principles that lead to personal, employment, and/or workplace advancement;
  • To provide essential general education components that develop each Learners abilities and stimulate the growth of the individual;


Institution Vision Statement

We are an educational organization striving to deliver learning that helps each learner realize their individual potential,  make a positive difference in his/her life, and help the Community thrive.