Two Learning Activities: Learning Acquisition & Learning Assessment

Learning Acquisition Should be Free

Knowledge Acquisition should approach free. Learners are encouraged to get information anywhere and everywhere they can. Learners are encouraged to add content to the school.

Youtube is a great place to acquire learning and there are a lot more sources than that.

Learning Assessment Should Cost

While there are many automated assessments available, useful assessments have to be done by another a person and obviously, the assessors need to be compensated for their time.

Compensation is valuable and will determine the value of the assessment.


Assessment Offerings

Free Assessments

A set of standard automated assessment tools.  You use the feedback to judge your skills against the School Standards.

One-on-One Assessments

A video conference between you and the assessor. The assessor is chosen by the learner from a list of possible assessors. Each individual assessor establishes their own rate and specifies exactly what they will be assessing. Reviews of the assessor accumulated and verified so the learner can pick the best assessors for them.

Peer Assessments

The ability to accumulate validated peer assessments. Assessments from peers are rated to assist in validating peer assessments.


Assessment Objectives & Outcomes


Consistent and Reliable Assessment Standards

By Standardizing the Assessments we can ensure more consistency and reliability of the assessments.


Cost Effective Way to Assess Skills

Only pay for assessing the skills not need to know.


An Assessment You Can Depend On

Moving up the Skill Learning Lader requires you to know that what you know is what you should know.


Add Value to the Community by Assessing Others

Help the next generation acquire the skills they need to help the community thrive.