Wireless Technology for Facilities Managers

This Course is designed to help Facilities Managers Manage Wireless Technology
This Course introduces the facility manager to the common systems, but will not go into great technical depth about how wireless systems work, security protocols, network administration or other detailed technical information.  Those topics are covered in other courses.
It is critical to understand that many of the tenants will have their own IT Departments and will have strong opinons on how Wireless is deployed for them.
This Course focuses on the how to help the 21st Century Facilities Manager integrate Wireless into their overall strategy.
There are four threads to this course:

  1. Overview Of Modern Wireless Systems discusses types of wireless systems and some of the factors that affect their use. There are many different types of systems that the facility manager will encounter. This thread provides an overview of the various types on the market. This thread also discusses factors that are involved with wireless use such as reliability, bandwidth and market forces.
  2. Wireless In The Facility covers how wireless works in the facility. There are several factors affecting wireless use in the facility and some facility changes that may occur due to wireless. Will wiring and computer rooms be downsized because of wireless, or will they get bigger? Will wireless profoundly change the way we work in the facility? Will phones become wireless? This section introduces the facility manager to those issues.
  3. Wireless System Implementation provides guidance to the facility manager called upon to install wireless LANs, satellite antennae, cellular repeater systems or to link two buildings together and select vendors.
  4. Other Wireless Considerations covers costs, security and health issues.